Free Credit Card Processing From Your Smart Phone

1377498_smart_phone_iconThese days it is important that you are always able to process a credit card if you are a business owner. Why is this so important? One of the reasons why is if you are a contractor or somebody that goes out into the field and needs to collect payment, then being able to process a credit card via your smart phone is a great way to conduct business. Not only are you getting paid immediately, but you are finishing a transaction, which is great for your accounting records.

Finding The Perfect Company

When it comes time to start looking for a credit card processing company you need to check into all different routes. Credit card processing companies are going to be eager to solicit your business, so you need to be prepared and have a list of questions ready for the sales representative. Always ask all the questions that you want including what will be your rate. It is very important that you understand the rate is negotiable so always try to start low and see what happens.

Locating A Smart Phone Application

Once you have secured your credit card processing company then you need to find software or application that can be used via your smart phone. If the company already has a simple download, then that is great because your problem is solved then you are able to move onto the next thing. Always find out whether or not taking a payment via your smart phone is going to cost you an additional charge or is free. You might find that this particular service is free which is great news because then you can save money by taking payments while you are on the road.

You always need to be thinking out of the box when it comes to trying to get ahead with your business. Tough economic times make everything that a business owner does very competitive because there is always someone trying to outdo your profession. Always stay focused and you will have amazing results when it comes to your business.

Free SEO Services—And Where to Find Them

1165439_seo_2If you’re thinking that you possibly don’t need SEO Consulting Los Angeles, or some other form of SEO consulting… Think again. For any and every business, SEO is not only applicable; it is essential (and can even be free).

Where Can Free SEO Services Be Found?

Well now, where would one look for anything having anything to do with something online? How about… Online. Free introductory seminars are offered via the web by some online training companies. Though done over the Internet the class is purportedly very hands on, simple and basic. Free tips and tricks of the trade are also offered online such as the top 10 tools for SEO’s. Some of these tools include strategies, link building (the how, when, where, what and who), complete utilization of social media, the structure of your website, staying in the news or making the news yourself, website structure, keywords and page ranking, how to measure the performance of your website and SEO, tags (HTML) and more. Nonprofit organizations in particular are more often than not eligible for free SEO services.

Check Out Some Blogs On Free SEO Services

One way to find out what others are saying about free services of any kind is to check on line. You can look for reviews and ratings but you can also look into blogs and find out exactly what kinds of discussions are going on about the kind of services that are being offered. On one particular blog alone I found no less than 390 entries. That’s a lot of opinions and a lot of advice. In only one entry, three of some of the best tips I’ve ever seen for SEO writers were posted: be sure to form links that lead to your content; use italicized or bold lettering to get people’s attention; and use a title that is compatible with and fits in nicely with keywords. Not bad for just one comment in a section of 390 entries.

So is there free advice out there for web site builders and SEO’s? Yes there is. Where do you find it? Same place to find just about everything these days—on the Internet. In fact when you search for that free advice on SEO’s, you yourself will be using a search engine.